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December 2, 2022

Wrestling Revolver Season Finale HOT TAKE

The Season Finale. A moment where the audience is swept up in all the grandeur of what has come before, baked into the anticipation of what will come when the curtain goes up and if all goes right, leaving them breathless waiting for the next cycle to begin. In the world of Wrestling Revolver, the Season Finale this Saturday evening on FITE+ can only meet yet another dose of insane professional wrestling that breaks the mold and ignites chaos!

Just the main event of Season Finale tells that tale alone. New Japan Pro Wrestling's KENTA journeys Stateside to make his Wrestling Revolver debut, seeking the best competition in the world in order to continue to prove himself as one of the most bad-ass competitors who have ever lived. KENTA seeks to decimate the competition and show the entire world that he is to be feared, but this Saturday, he takes on one of the most successful professional wrestlers of 2022, Speedball Mike Bailey. Since exploding back onto the American wrestling scene, Bailey has captured the Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship and sent an infinite number of competitors to the loser's lane as they fell, one by one, in defeat to his unique karate-infused hybrid aerial offense. These two competitors have never met and they have certainly never faced anyone even remotely similar to the other, making it impossible for oddsmakers to determine who they are favoring. This Saturday, live on FITE+, true history will be made in what can only be seen as an international incident in the making!

Another incredible first-time bout will explode out of FITE+ subscribers' devices when AEW's Rey Fenix, one of the most celebrated luchadors of this generation will take on The Rascalz's Zachary Wentz inside the squared circle for Wrestling Revolver. While it may be the season finale for Revolver, this match is anything but a launching pad for Wentz. An incredible showing, much less a victory, will send him into the stratosphere as he prepares to continue his rebound back into the nucleus of the pro wrestling world in 2023. For Fenix, this is a chance to continue to build his legend, taking on one of the most unorthodox and passionate pro wrestlers in the world. If there have ever been two competitors who have built their name on sheer hunger to compete and amaze the audience, it's these two men, who are now on a collision course for this Saturday on FITE+.

When Wrestling Revolver invaded Dayton, Ohio, Rich Swann emerged victorious with a win over Brian Pillman Jr. while Shane Strickland upended Myron Reed in two excellent encounters. Now, they enter the Hell of War, seeking to dominate the other and truly stake their claim for the Wrestling Revolver Championship. These are two of the most gifted aerial assault assassins in professional wrestling today and when they take to the heavens, it is to attempt to achieve victory by driving their opponents straight down to Hades itself. This match is guaranteed to take things beyond extreme and will likely be one of the most talked about encounters of the year in Wrestling Revolver and beyond, featuring the unique overlay of AEW vs. Impact Wrestling as well. Swann has never forgotten losing the Impact World Championship to Kenny Omega, so a victory here would be a small measure of revenge against all things Elite.

These men are all vying for a chance to challenge for the Revolver World Championship in 20323, currently held by JT Dunn. This Saturday on FITE+, Dunn will be defending the title against the ever-focused Trey Miguel, who may have evolved into his most dangerous form yet. Seeking to rebound after losing the Remix Championship last month to Alex Shelley, Miguel may have since captured the X-Division title in Impact Wrestling, but he's become more embittered and angry. If Miguel can focus that anger on Dunn (and avoid his dreaded rolling elbow), we may see him ascend to the throne to close 2022 as the new champion. If not, one can only wonder the depths of darkness that await Miguel and everyone else in Revolver. Dunn has held that championship via any means necessary, but what means will Trey go to set the end of his year back on track?

Alex Shelley will make his first Revolver Remix title defense this Saturday against the incomparable Russian Dynamo, Masha Slamovich. Masha has conquered the world of professional wrestling in Japan and the United States in recent years, having had celebrated matches with Josh Alexander and Jordynne Grace, but she is coming to Revolver with one goal in mind - GOLD. Alex Shelley is one of the most gifted technical professional wrestlers who has ever lived, able to play the chess game of holds, counters, offense and defense in his brain moves ahead of his opponents, but in Masha, can he also factor in the insane level of aggression she brings to the ring? This is a unique first-time bout that can only happen on FITE+ and only in the confines of a Wrestling Revolver ring!

It wouldn't be Revolver without some truly utter chaos inside and beyond the ring. Jessicka will battle Allie Katch in an Iowa Death Match where anything inside and beyond the ring is legal and this war of attrition will continue until one final competitor is left standing. She may be beaten, perhaps bloodied, certainly hurt but she will exit 2022 as the definitive victor, setting the stage for future adventures and battles in the year to come. Allie Katch knows no fear and certainly has evolved into one of the most dangerous combat sports fighters over the last year but Havok is a force of a nature that no one truly wishes to inflict upon themselves. This Saturday on FITE+, Havok erupts, literally, and anarchy will be unleashed!

As if all that isn't enough, the legendary Switchblades, Jon Moxley and Sami Callihan will return to Iowa, which all but guarantees insanity!

Beyond the main events announced, The Revolver World Tag Team fin Championships will be on the line as The OGK, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett will face the loveable duo of Dadscout and the always enthralling Infrared. Marina Shafir will be bringing the pain to Iowa this Saturday as she clashes with Billie Starkz for the first time.

Plus, a Golden Ticket Scramble will feature Rocky Romero vs. Jake Crist vs. 1 Called Manders vs. Matthew Palmer vs. Fulton vs. Crash Jaxon vs. Steve Maclin with everything on the line from pride, to victory to future opportunities in what will be one of the wildest matches presented all year on FITE+.

This Saturday, FITE+ is proud to raise the curtains on Wrestling Revolver live from Iowa for the last time in 2022, promising to shatter the wrestling world one more time while also igniting the fuse for what is to come inside Revolver in 2023 and beyond!

Mike Johnson is the lead reporter for PWInsider.com and has been writing about professional wrestling since 1996. He can be found on Twitter @MikePWInsider and MikeJohnsonWrites.com.