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Epw Game Over


In its final show at The Game Sports Bar for 2016 EPW was set to make it
a big one. Not only was the main event set as the sequel to last year's
Northbridge Street Fight, but for the first time ever the Invitational
Tournament had been restructured into two blocks of competitors with Block A
being held in its entirety at this show.
The Invitational Tournament has been a stepping stone for some of the
biggest names in Australian wrestling for over a decade for a reason as
there is no other tournament which has stood the test of time and almost
always guarantees that the man who wins it will be a champion.
With the brackets for Block A set, that fact is something that The Solution
is well aware of as the seek to stack the deck for the future and protect
their leader, and current EPW Champion 'The Messiah' Davis Storm.

Meanwhile the other challengers are seeking not just retribution but also
opportunity. Both Logan Grey and the former champion Marcius Pitt have been
thwarted in their efforts to claim the gold and after the events of
EPW's Hell or Highwater, both need to find a way back into the title hunt.

It was a big night of wrestling with special guest General Manager
Lukey Bolland and one not to be missed

Kiel Steria v Jordan Bishop

The Headhunters v Team B.A.E.

Marcius Pitt v The Warship (w/Amity Row)
Logan Grey v AZ Vegara (w/Amity Row)

Amity Row v Blair Brady

Taylor King v Elliot Forbes v Hughesy v Ross Cage

Logan Grey v Marcius Pitt

Harry Avalon (w/William Darcy) v Lord Jonathan Wimbledon (w/Ross Cage)

Alex "AK-47" Kingston & Super Mega Death Kittens v Gavin McGavin & Generation Zero

Selected Screenshots