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Joe Sylvester talks about Outlaw Monster Truck Drag


Once again Matt Striker is back!
This time he is here with Joe Sylvester to talk about Outlaw Monster Truck Drag on June 29th Live on FITE!

Matt Striker: Joe. How are you doing?
Joe Sylvester: Not too bad! You know we've been building the tracks. We got a couple of different track layouts for the outlaw drags.

Matt Striker: Outlaw Monster Truck - there will be three show series. Now Talk to us a little bit about the Show. For the casual viewer, when we talk about Monster Truck, they are gonna know "Grave Digger", "Bigfoot", maybe "El Toro Loco". Talk to us about what we're going to see here on 29th?
Joe Sylvester: You're going to see a lot of the top independent teams. You know, some of the teams you just mentioned are big corporately owned teams. Every team that you're going to see on FITE and The Outlaw Monster Truck Drags are all independent guys that build their own stuff, work on their own stuff, trash their own stuff and pay for their own stuff.

Matt Striker: We're all thirsty for entertainment. People appreciate accountability and the fact that you mentioned it, they build it and break it, it just shows about the spirit behind this event and what drives these drivers. I hear that it's never before seen tracks. What kind of issues might that pose?
Joe Sylvester: It's gonna be challenging for the drivers. It's gonna be entertaining for the fans. Straight line Monster Truck racing was a big thing in the '80s through to the late '90s it was a straight line drag race trucks were with high horsepower. Then the sport got evolved. More freestyle, big crazy jumps, backflips. Now what we are doing is adding a new flavor to an old favorite.
Essentially, we're going from what used to be 300 foot long drag races to 450 feet. We're utilizing multiple jumps. The drag race track actually has an elevated start, and it's a jump with a step down it's a 50 foot gap. It requires a lot of skills and a lot of throttle timing and brake control in the air. So we added some technicalities into drag racing, and that's one track layout that we have.
The other track layout is a turning style track will actually start on big Hill that is on the property and it's a 25 degree angle straight down. When we're looking out through the window, it's gonna look like we're sitting on the edge of a cliff. So it's nobody's ever really done anything like that before. I'm excited to see how it works out.

Matt Striker: So who thinks these things and what are they drinking or smoking how they come up with it?
Joe Sylvester: I did, and I drink a lot of high octane coffee. And once the racing is done, then we will freestyle as well.
We got some stuff to smash and destroy. So it's gonna be exciting for the fans.

Matt Striker: There is a lot of ego here. There is a lot of pride and a lot of trash talking, a lot of intensity. How far the things go?
Joe Sylvester: When we're on the track it's all business. We want to go out there, we want to beat each other and we want to put on a good show for the fans. That being the most important thing, to put a good show for the fans. But then we also have a little fun. Call each other out, build the rivalries, you know. There's gonna be adrenaline and there's gonna be excitement.

Matt Striker: #OutlawLife I think if someone sees that, they think one thing. But if they dive a little deeper, they'll see that it means a bit more, doesn't it?
Joe Sylvester: Yes, it does! I called it The Allied Drags for a reason. One from the technical side of things. We don't have a lot of rules. Pretty much an open motor rule format. Chassis rules, basically only rules we have are safety oriented for the fans and for the drivers. And also - I don't want to say them an outcast in the industry because they're actually all very big name drivers, but they've all kind of blaze in their own trail.

Matt Striker: Where can people find out more information on social media?
Joe Sylvester: @outlawmonstertruckdrags on Instagram and on Facebook and obviously FITE TV.

Matt Striker: It shows what you guys are putting into it. Comes from an undisclosed location. We can't say more than that, but I think the hard work is certainly appreciated.
Joe Sylvester: Yeah, we've been putting a ton of work into it. Me and my business partner, Gary! Small crew guys, we've moved a lot of dirt because of the area. We had to work with was near swampland. So we had to reroute water. We had to change a lot of stuff around, but we're really looking forward to it. A lot of good camera angles we're gonna have. It's gonna be really, really cool for the fight fans and for monster truck fans as well. We plan to continue this if it goes well.
We have three different divisions of monster trucks, starting with youth. Kids can actually get involved and have a mini monster truck and come out and put on a show and race with the Оutlaws. The other class is called the Pro Mod Monster Trucks. And these things are downright nasty and pissed. They weigh and they run a 48 inch tall tire. They look just like a normal monster truck tire, but instead of being 66 inches tall there, 48 inches tall, so they accelerate quick, they jump high.

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