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Matt Striker Interviews Dane Neal on BBQ FITE Klub


On June 8th and 9th BBQ FITE Klub is coming right here on FITE!
To talk about the Event Matt Striker sits down with Dane Neal and here is what Dane Neal said:

Matt Striker: We are looking for June 8th and June 9th event. It's two nights event. Talk to us a little bit about what this event is and maybe how it came about?

Dane Neal: As FITE tv fans know Moto FITE Klub was a really cool event that brought the stars of motocross world. Fans had the opportunity to get in with some of those superstars and see them like a non formal sports interview settings – they saw them talking career, talking history and all that. So on 8th we are gonna to have that similar thing. Sort of that fireside champion BBQ round table. Some of the very best names out there, some of the biggest ones it the BBQ competitions in one place to talk about the state of everything going on - obviously these are interesting times. Most of the BBQ world is on a sideline with so many other people and to have these guys at one place in one time will be really cool.

Matt Striker: A lot of people are talking about how FITE is bringing much needed entertainment content to the world and this one is no different. For those that aren't familiar – how intense is the BBQ competition world?

Dane Neal: Well, in a BBQ competition you got to think about that these guys are just masters in their craft. These guys sometimes are going against 500 other teams in a competition to win those world championships so it means everything to them. The kind of things that we've got here in - a multiple world champions, all have that kind of staff on their resumes and as to it these are one of the reasons why this is different than regular food television. Everybody loves all that staff on the tv we and there is nothing wrong and it is great. But the main event that FITE tv has brought that big time. This is something special! You must see this because these guys are going to be doing what it is closest as we get to a real case KCBS competition and for the viewers out there KCBS is the same shooting like NFL for football or Nascar for racing so this is going to be a real event, a real competition. In the end of the day this is going to be in their resumes, too.

Matt Striker: Now most of the FITE fans are intrigued by combat sports but a lot of new viewers need to understand that there is a lot of provado, a lot of postery and a lot of ego as well.

Dane Neal: Yeah, well it goes with the territory, right? I don't think you can be on the top of your game not only as a competitor on the scoring side but also to create yourself as a legend and icon to the sport without a little bit of personality, without a little bit of provado, kind of swagger they goes along with it. So the personalities here they match the trophy. You are gonna to see this. We are gonna to be closer – to do some kind of trash talking, but everyone here is respectful to each other.

Matt Striker: I think you used a great word "is respectful". I think especially now people need to understand just how important respect can be not only among competitors but among human beings in general.

I would like to talk a little bit about how are these pieces of meat, these pieces of art judged. What is gonna to be the criteria to set one apart from the other?

Dane Neal: Well ok, so we all are familiar with the programs that we love on the food network rather is chapter of Iron Chef and you have high caliber of chefs, food writers or media people - they have all personal opinions on what they see or how it gotta strike them and that kind of staff. So it's all great. Makes good for the tv, too. With the KCBS what's the most important is there is an actual scoring criteria that goes along with it. Whether it is the taste of tenderness, you go all of the thing that go into it but there is a scoring. There is like in sports if you didn't win you didn't win and it doesn't necessary really matter plus this is going to be just like it is in real case competition blind judging. You don't know then who's there. I think then the true food has to stand out on his own, there all of these people together no embarrassment to lose form any of them. They are all great, they are winners of world championships. All of the judges it the competition will be certified ones and it take about 5 hours to become certified as BBQ judge.

Matt Striker: I know a lot of contracts are still being finalized but can you speak to some of the names and some of their dossiers we might be seeing on the 9th for the competition as well as in 8th at the round table.

Dane Neal: Well we still got a word from Smoke D's. He is considered in the BBQ world sort of God. He is the greatest of all times. He has won almost every major out there some multiple times and he has a great restaurant in Iowa. He is one of these guys that if you have something like this you gotta put it out there. He is the best in the business, he has to be on that team photo.
We got Kelly Wertz from 4 Legs Up BBQ another world champion. These guys are like the Kings of their area. We have and 913 BBQ from Kansas with Bethany McAllister – she is one of the American Royal invitational ones which is one of the most prestigious ones. There is Luke Darnell from Old Virginia Smoke - he won team of the year and then we've got Tim Scheer from Shake' N Bake BBQ who has won in the year Reserved Grand Champion at "The Jack" World Championship Invitational. And he is also behind some of the biggest brands of BBQ world as Luis Todd and a Getaway Drum Smokers.
We've got a really incredible kind of lineup here. Also I wanna to mention and Bill Gillespie from Smokin Hoggz BBQ, he has won both – "The Jack" and all the great tournaments, too. One of those top names out there.

Matt Striker: Now I was about to say this is all great! I feel like any kind of BBQ sauce is almost like a bless for me here in this regard - what is your particular favorite type of BBQ and why?

Dane Neal: Well, if you are looking Texas barbeque is and really end up who you are asking, right. It's up to them what kind of things they preferred. Texas BBQ is a lot of meat, some pepper, very basic as good as it is. In Kansas you've got a lot of sauces and that Carolina with as more like vinegar style. I like it all and with these pit masters and guys from BBQ world here I feel like in the red carpet.
As a guy used to a lot of food beyond BBQ. I like and some other food like Dr. Dog frozen pizza and also sometime is nice to hang out with skills like Jacques Pépin. I'm ok with all of it.

Matt Striker: That's fantastic! I know that your time is valuable before I let you go. How did you get involved in this, how this become a passion for you? Like I said your name is unanimous with all things with food and pop culture. How it all started?

Dane Neal: Well, it is unique kind of area within the food world whenever it is a disaster you've got operation BBQ relief and people mobilize and help out and feed. Part of it is because of its mobility and part of it is because you can feed a lot of people with the pulled pork and the community style like the passion that they feel working, getting into the that BBQ FITE Klub. I think the community is the most important part.
All started in 2005/2006 just doing the regular radio and still doing a lot of staff today and kind of getting a tour there. I don't know if it was pizza or it was like a favorite burger and people just come out. It is one thing that people love to share, it's not a confrontational, it's not like talking about politics or anything like that. People love to say "Hey here is the place! You've gotta try it!" and it was one of those things where also people making the food have a great back stories. It's great industry, great people and a lot of compiling stories!

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