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NWA Powerrr Ep 36 Review (7 27 2021) Nick Aldis Gets No Respect! JTG vs Mims! RD 1 Champions Series


Hosted by Lee Sanders. Live NWA Powerrr Episode 36 fallout for 7/27/21 as JTG vs Mims, Trevor Murdock vs Fed Rosser in the main event! Nick Aldis gets no respect as he sees bloody red! NWA news and loads more!!!! COVERING THE LATEST IN WRESTLING, POP CULTURE, ENTERTAINMENT, and BEYOND SINCE 2011. CATCH LEE RETURNING TO THE NATION'S CAPITAL IN WASHINGTON, D.C AS HE'LL BE CO-HOSTING AND MODERATING A PANEL OF GUESTS AT AWESOMECON ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 20TH 2021!!!!

Selected Screenshots