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Josh Shernoff Interviews ODB on BBQ FITE Klub


Josh Shernoff: My guest is the one and only person of professional wrestling who also has her own food truck - ODB. Thank you for joining me.
So we're here to promote a couple of different things right now. One is the BBQ FITE Klub and then of course, we're gonna promote ODB's food truck.
So tell us a little bit more for the BBQ FITE Klub which will be live on FITE on June 9th, 2020. What this event will be?
ODB: God, I wish I could be there! So it's a bunch of barbecuers that are just gonna show their stuff. And I'm not a BBQ competitor. I just rub a lot of meat, a lot of pork on my food truck and sell every day. The BBQ competition is very different from what I do and I just love. I think it's so cool that all these guys and women do this for a living and compete and try to you know who has the best meat.

Josh Shernoff: When you said that you don't compete - is that something you have ever thought of doing?
ODB: I, never! I do watch barbeque pit masters, I like Big Mo. I could be a judge for it. I'll eat their food.
It's a little bit different from what I do. So I do want to go to a competition one day, actually Memphis in May. I would love to go there and just see the whole thing.

Josh Shernoff: I have my notes here on this because I have never really seen BBQ competitions before, but soon as I found out about this event I was very exciting. BBQ and competition sounds pretty good to me. One thing that really stood out to me was that it's sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS), which was not something that I even knew existing.
You said you're not competing, but your food truck you're driving. I'm assuming in and out of different states. I remember your old food truck at Starrcast before, so you take it to other places?
ODB: Yeah! Even I've been staying in Minnesota with my new food truck, every city I go I get one permit. It's is crazy, especially Minnesota. But when I do go to other states, they're more lenient there. But I am working on. Hopefully when all these festivals start getting back 2021 I want to take the road. I want to take the truck to the biggest festivals and maybe a competition.
That would be like one FITE Klub on the road.

Josh Shernoff: Yeah, seriously, we'll have to get more and more of these FITE Klub events going on. So something that you mentioned going to these different festivals on, you also mentioned not competing. But you pull up and there's right across from you another BBQ truck, you know? Have you ever looked at that and said "All right, this is on. This is a competition."
ODB: Actually, that just happened to me. A couple of weeks ago, I was in a city in Minnesota and there was about five of us, and I was I looked down on Mike - another BBQ trader. You have your edge up on the other one. When I show up, people kind of look like Oh, she's that pro wrestler with barbecue sauce, you know?

Josh Shernoff: So what made you decide тo start having a food truck. Obviously you're successful professional wrestler.
ODB: I've always loved being on the road аnd then when my contract was up a long time ago and I was like now what? But I had my own barbecue sauce coming and I was like, "You know what? I'm going to start traveling." So I traveled the country promoting my BBQ and hot sauces.

Josh Shernoff: So obviously your other food truck burnt down, which was not ideal. А lot of people reached out which speaks to the reputation in the wrestling business, and a lot of people reached out to try and get this. It speaks your reputation. Just how damn good your food is on that truck people like.
ODB: You know, I look back at it and I'm glad it burned down. I wasn't glad at that time, sure, but I believe everything happens for a reason. And I cannot thank the wrestling family, for all the support, I didn't realize how much I was loved in the wrestling world. I mean, DDP literally called me the next day like "Hey, what's up ODB, it's DDP" and then Mike Foley and then Tina Impact. Ah, it was just crazy. It was awesome. And now I'm back on the road doing better than ever during all this time. So I thank all my wrestling fans and wrestlers for get me back on the road.

Josh Shernoff: Now, you mentioned during this time obviously, with this worldwide pandemic, it is really not ideal for any business, for the most part. How have you been affected by that?
ODB: Honestly, it hasn't affected. Actually my food truck is doing better than ever. This is my third year and on St. Patty's Day I was driving home with the food truck literally when everything was shutting down. But I thought outside the box I go to neighbourhoods. And then I do a lot of breweries

Josh Shernoff: BBQ FITE Klub - when I first saw that, I was just like, this seems so interesting. So outside the box, can you give everybody kind of like an idea of what a BBQ FITE Klub is?
ODB: You're gonna find out who has the best meat. This is the way of your smoke and everyone has a unique way of smoking their meat. I think it's because everyone should kind of just get into their own character and have fun with it. And actually, I think there needs to be a belt made for BBQ. I think the FITE Klub needs to get on that.

Josh Shernoff: Yeah. We have to talk with Mike Weber. Come on. We need to built something.
So where primarily are you? Where can people find your food truck?
ODB: So I'm staying in Minnesota for the rest of the year, but it does snow here, so I am packing this up in November. I have two states that I'm going back and forth on that, so keep watching me on my social media.

Shernoff: For anybody who is in Minnesota, can you give us your top two, absolute must meals that they need to get when they come to you?
ODB: My number one seller is the pork nachos and my favorite is called "meat in a cup".

Shernoff: When wrestling opens back up, do you have any intentions of being back in the ring?
ODB: Honestly, I would love to get back in the ring. I still got it!

Shernoff: Where people can find you on social media?
ODB: At the ODB Bam! I got Instagram Twitter and my Facebook page. And I have YouTube channels.

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