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2019 Canadian Boxing Qualification, Session 2
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On December 17 - 20, the best boxers across Canada will be in action in the heart of Montreal in order to confirm the National Team selection ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification. It's an event you don't want to miss!

19. Karn MANN vs Junior Petanqui - Welterweight 69kg
18. Anthony VARELA vs James HUGHES - Welterweight 69kg
17. Christopher Guerrero vs Mohammed ELABDOULLI - Welterweight 69kg
16. Jahangeer vs Spencer WILCOX - Light Welterweight 63kg
15. Winner BONDO vs Mohammed MILAD - Light Welterweight 63kg
14. Odane SCOTT vs Sean FINNIGAN - Light Welterweight 63kg
13. Kent POLINES vs Cole BRANDER - Bantamweight 57kg
12. Leo KAMARA vs Austin BAYANI - Bantamweight 57kg
11. Jean-Grady FRANCOIS vs Jonthan BOURGET - Bantamweight 57kg
10. Jordyn KONRAD vs Terris SMITH - Women's Bantamweight 57kg
9. Jessica SPARROW vs Cassie WATTS - Women's Bantamweight 57kg
8. Jynelle BOURNE vs Natalie FAGAN - Women's Bantamweight 57kg
7. Marie-Jeanne PARENT vs Charlie CAVANAGH - Women's Bantamweight 57kg
6. Holy MACDONALD vs Christine ANDERSON - Women's Lightweight 57-60kg
5. Irene FIOLEK vs Tammara FRANCIS - Women's Lightweight 57-60kg
4. Nyousha NAKHJIRI vs Mandy BUJOLD - Women's Flyweight 51kg
3. Priyanka DHILLON vs Sara COUILLARD - Women's Flyweight 51kg
2. Amber Jane WALL vs Grace FANBULLEH - Women's Flyweight 51kg
1. Audrey BERNIER vs Anne MARCOTTE - Women's Flyweight 51kg

Poster and Selected Action

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