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Third Coast Grappling 8
The Underdogs
Official Replay

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"Night Night"

16 man Tournament Bracket

3CGC8 - 16 Man Tournament Brackets


On October 23rd Third Coast Grappling presents its 8th edition live on FITE! 3CG 8: The Underdogs featuring 16 Men No Gi Tournament in the 180lbs division. Already announced are most of the fighters that will take place in the tournament - Oliver Taza, Jake Shields, Kemoy Anderson, Jeferson Guaresi, Gabriel De Los Santos, Renato Canuto, Andy Varela, Erik Anderson, Patrick Downey, Aaron Wilson, Mike Perez, Hunter Newton, Geno Morelli, Gabriel De Los Santos, Eric Aleouin, Thiago Aso.

Times are Local Time(Arizona)
16 man 10k bracket First Round
600pm Jeferson Guaresi vs Kemoy Anderson A
610pm Renato Canuto vs Thiago Aso B
620pm Andy Varela vs Gabriel De Los Santos C
630pm Aaron Wilson vs Estevan Martinez D
640pm. Eric Hunter Newton vs Erik Anderson E
650pm Pat Downey vs Geno Morelli F
700pm Oliver Taza vs Arian Nez G
710pm Jake Shields vs Eric Alequin H

720pm Cristian Guzman vs Andrew Slater
730pm Willie Audifre vs Scott Hoddick
740pm Albe Tremblay vs Oscar De Los Santos
750pm Tiki Aquino vs Jose Munoz

800PM TO 840PM 16 man bracket Quarter Finals

840PM Sean Klicka vs Dan Dykeman
850PM Ryan Cramer vs Antonio Ruiz
900pm Anthony Birchak vs Josh Rodriguez

910pm to 930pm 16 man bracket Semi Finals

930pm Nathan Hagberg vs Lucas Norat Lopes
940pm Keven Carrasco vs Jordan Vaisman
950pm Gerson Atoigue vs Richard Alvarez
1000pm Paul Nava vs Jay Shellhammer

1010pm Tournament Final

*lineup subject to change


  • October 20, 2021

    Written exclusively for FITE By Danny O'Donnell For the first time in the promotion's history, Third Coast Grappling will venture away from its native Houston to bring its unique brand of jiu-jitsu to Phoenix, Arizona. On Saturday, October 23rd, in an event appropriately dubbed "The Underdogs," eight of the sport's best grapplers at 180 lbs. will take on a group of mainly local grapplers looking to make a name for themselves and catapult their status from underdog to elite. Since the start of the pandemic, live entertainment companies have struggled …

    Read more »

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