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American 7s Football Final Four Playoff
PA Immortalz vs NJ Savage
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A7FL Co-Founder and CEO Sener Korkusuz announced today that the league would launch its promotion for its upcoming 2021 season with programming on FITE, the premier global digital platform for sports and entertainment.

FITE will premier American 7's classic 2019 Final Four playoff matchup between league powerhouses the PA Immortalz and the NJ Savage on Sunday March 21st at 7 PM ET. "If you know about that game and those teams' history, you understand why it's a great way for us to introduce no-helmets no-pads football to the FITE audience," said Korkusuz, "and to get folks excited for the April 11 start of our 2021 season,".

The launch of A7FL on FITE will follow a powerhouse lead in program, the 4 PM ET return of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and its ‘Back For The Attack' Pay Per View, under the leadership of league President Billy Corgan, known around the world for his role in the band The Smashing Pumpkins. "The FITE audience is our audience," continued Korkusuz."Plus we've always said our football was ‘smash mouth,' so it's only fitting we'll follow Billy Corgan.".

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