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ACB 55
Davlatmurodov vs Berkhamov
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ACB Fight Night: Sharaf Davlatmurodov "Wolfhound" (11-0) vs Mukhamed Berkhamov (10-0)

Rest of the Fight Card:
Featherweight 66 kg - Yusuf Raisov vs. Valdines Silva
Welterweight 77 kg - Denis Kanakov vs. Faizy Tobatov
Welterweight 77 kg - Sergey Khandozhko vs. Stanislav Vlasenko
Bantamweight 61 kg - Beno Adamia vs. Muin Gafurov
Welterweight 77 kg - Imran Abaev vs. Erkinbek Mansurov
Middleweight 84 kg - Shamil Abdulkhalikov vs. Grachik Bozinyan
Lightweight 70 kg - Oleg Khachaturov vs. Iftikhor Arbobov
Welterweight 77 kg - Rustam Gadzhiev vs. Igor Fernandes
Bantamweight 61 kg - Denis Mutsnek vs. Fatkhidin Sobirov
Bantamweight 61 kg - Shamil Shakhbulatov vs. Filip Macek
Featherweight 66 kg - Radzhabali Fayzidini vs. Taichi Nakajima
Welterweight 77 kg - Denis Tiuliulin vs. Mubaraksho Mubarakshoev

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Poster and Selected Action

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