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AFL 22
Othmane Laabbas vs Oscar Lopez
Official PPV Replay

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Main Event
Othmane Laabbas vs Oscar Lopez

Simone Serra vs Samuel Canario

Fernando Calvo vs. Moussa Sabaly 170 lbs
Emily Mota vs. A. Alvare Carlos 105 lbs
Jose Serral vs. Fabian Sintes 135 lbs
Simone Serra vs. Samuel Santana 170 lbs
Jose Barranco vs. Luis Cruz 155 lbs
Cristian Cañas vs. Cristofer Opazos 145 lbs
Moha Gacem vs. Oriol Arenas 154 lbs
Alvaro Ruiz vs. Mohamed Ait Yetto 142 lbs
Victor Jose Lopez vs. Guillem Lorenzo 145 lbs
Julio Arteaga vs. Aitor Leon 155 lbs
Jonathan Castaño vs. Bobby Ekata 154 lbs
Gia Podiashvili vs. Richard Jacome 152 lbs
Miguel Angel Diaz vs. Alex Lanza 165 lbs
Ross Restrepo vs. Dario Almiron 163 lbs
Hamza Dadaie vs. Brahim Atrari 135 lbs

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