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JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2022, Night 1
Official Replay

  • Bell Time
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  • Genres
    Pro Wrestling
  • Channel
  • Venue
    Odeon Concert Club, Cleveland, OH, United States
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* Available in the United States
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On February 27th AIW: JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2022, Night 1 airs on FITE+, check the full lineup below:

Marino Tenaglia vs Joseline Navarro
Arthur McArthur vs Chuck Stone
Derek Dillinger (w/Ziggy Haim) vs Mikey Montgomery (w/The Duke)
Ernest Miller vs Casey Carrington (w/Brian Carson)
Isaiah Broner vs Philly Collins
Colin Delaney vs Dalton Castle
Jackson Stone (w/Brian Carson) vs Kaplan
Alec Price vs Chase Oliver
Dominic Garrini vs Adam Priest
Cheech vs Wes Barkley
Jack Evans vs Drago
Eric Young vs Eric Taylor (w/The Duke)

*lineup subject to change!

Poster and Selected Action

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