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Alpha Fight Series
Dzhabar Askerov vs Jonathan Tuhu
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    Fighters Xpress 
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    The Grand on Princes, Melbourne, Australia
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Fight Card:

Dzhabar Askerov v Jonathon Tuhu
Main Event 70kg K1 Rules 5x3 AFS World Title Fight

Marcus Burke v Jamie Cordero
Co semi-main event 79kg K1 Rules 5x3 Australian Title Fight

Junior Tafa v Martin Humphrey
Co semi-main event K1 Rules 3x3 100+kg

Steve Baldacchino v Oliver Hale
K1 Rules 3x3 66kg

Alex Roberts v Sugarnaiwaru Lua
K1 Rules 3x3 100+kg

Jonno Almond v Ben Wotherspoon
Full Thai Rules 3x2 95kg

Kim-Alina Baldacchino v Paris Rose Browne-Harmer
K1 Rules 3x3 65kg

Mujtaba Rajabi vs Dylan Cook
K1 Rules 3x2 65kg

Selena Small vs Felicity Loiterton
Full Thai Rules 5x2 52kg

Adam Copeland v Tom White
K1 Rules 3x2 76kg

We have an international Main Event which has been confirmed with 8-time World Champion Dzhabar Askerov. As you know he is one of the best in the world. He was part of the Asia Contender and is currently signed to One Championship, the biggest promotion in the world receiving over 42 million live views. Dzhabar has fought the world's best including John Wayne-Parr, Buakaw, Andy Souwer, and the list goes on as you probably know. Dzhabar is currently based in Melbourne and is now representing Australia. His opponent Jonathon Tuhu, representing Papua New Guinea. Jonathon is a WKF Intercontinental Champion, WMC Supreme Champion in Hong Kong, WKF World Muay Thai Champion in PNG and ITF Pro Champion in Australia. As you may have seen, Jonathon is famous for his spinning head kick knockout which went viral on social media and all other platforms. Both men have similar fighting styles so it is going to be a war. Both are very worthy opponents of a World Title and as such we will be putting up a 70kg Alpha Fight Series World Title, which the winner will have to defend on our 2020 shows.

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