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Extreme Takeover Thursday, Episode 44
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On this episode of Extreme Takeover Thursday, we will see the impressive team of La Sangre, Vertigo and Ramos showcase their skills. Who will they face? Tune in to find out.

Brothers...that is what Jerry Swirlz and Zack Monstar claimed to be, but over the last year, that has been anything but true. Last year, we saw Jerry Swirlz as the "Inner Betty White" maliciously run over Zack Monstar and kill him in the first ever Purge Match. Months later, "The Reverend of Sin" Ryzin claimed to have resurrected the "Human Horror Show". Now almost a year later, these two brothers turned enemies face off again in the first ever "Dog Collar Match". A little fact, Swirlz is undefeated in his feud with Zack. Can he maintain the streak or will Zack exact his revenge?

And in our main event, it is the debut of current ROH superstar, Mike Bennett as he challenges for the ARW Heavyweight Championship against current champion, "The Reverend of Sin" Ryzin. Mike is known to be a tough challenger and looks to make a statement in his debut, but Ryzin has fought all comers like Sinn Bodhi and Gangrel to name a few. Who will win the richest prize in ARW?

Find out this Thursday at 8 PM ET right here on FITE!

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