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Bas Rutten inspired BANG Muay Thai, April 8th
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"El Guapo"
28 - 4 - 1
Light Heavyweight


Join UFC Hall of Famer, 3-time Pancrase champion, and popular actor/combat sports commentator with a live daily workout using the Bas Rutten Inspired BANG Muay Thai system. April 8th. The origin of Bang Muay Thai was inspired from Duane ""Bang"" Ludwig's illustrious martial arts career, Mixed Martial Arts legend Bas Rutten, & Trevor Wittman, each of whom helped influence the creation of the BMT system. The lineage continues with UFC bantamweight, superstar T.J. Dillashaw (BMT Black Belt) & UFC flyweight superstar Joseph Benavides (BMT Brown Belt).

Bas Rutten takes you through daily ways to stay in shape, increase your body's strength, and ways to increase stamina, fighting skills and good health. Along the way, Bas will explain why things work or don't, and you will revel in his amazing storytelling of the fighting world and techniques that excel.

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