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Battle Arena 50
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    MMA Battle Arena 
  • Venue
    Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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World class mma action comes to Birmingham!
12 title fights.
20 international bouts.
Fight nights do not get any better than this!

M. Shazlee def Samir Zahirovic Lose icon red Sub, 1:31 R2
Duncan Djillali def Dan White Lose icon red KO/TKO, 3:00 R3
Anna Astvik def Amy O'Mara Lose icon red Unanimous Dec
Geoff Ogendo def Maksim Zamurakin Lose icon red Unanimous Dec
Corey Beldon def Mark Stredder Lose icon red Sub, 1:18 R3
Robert Masters def George Caruna Lose icon red Split Dec
Sean Costello def Kamen Whymark Lose icon red KO/TKO, 2:22 R1
Max Pearson def Chrissy Mountford Lose icon red Sub, 2:37 R2
Kyle Wilson def Matt James Lose icon red Sub, 2:35 R4
Craig White def Kieron Faul Lose icon red KO/TKO, 2:59 R1
Dave Jones def Rajesh Kumar Lose icon red Sub, 1:00 R1
Dean Ryan vs. Tom Gibbs Draw icon Ends in a No Contest
Uvis Velde def Tommy Lewis Lose icon red KO/TKO, 1:58 R1
James Thompson def Aaron Swingewood Lose icon red KO/TKO, 0:41 R2
Myles Richards def Peter Deane Lose icon red Unanimous Dec
Cooper Frachery def Jay Smith Lose icon red KO/TKO, 2:56 R2
John Fatland def Dan Deane Lose icon red Sub, 2:02 R1
B. Hartsthorn def Tom Marco Lose icon red KO/TKO, 0:52 R1
Josh Abreu def Grant Murnane Lose icon red KO/TKO, 1:40 R1
Antonio Louca def Nashwan Aziz Lose icon red Unanimous Dec
Naomhan Har def Muaaz Shah Lose icon red KO/TKO, 0:08 R1
Jordan Denning def Lee Anthony Lose icon red Unanimous Dec
Nathan Dale def Rhino Daley Lose icon red Sub, 2:54 R2
Luke Wilcox def George John Lose icon red Sub, 2:34 R2
Lucas Cinglant def Adailton Silva Lose icon red KO/TKO, 1:35 R2
Eugene Moran def Aqib Khan Lose icon red Sub, 1:49 R2

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