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BKB 15
Tyler Goodjohn vs Marc Navarro
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
"El Tornado"
3 - 3 - 0
"Brum Town Bomber"
7 - 1 - 0
4 - 0 - 0


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Will Chope vs Sofiane Benchohra
Micky Parker vs Jamie Proctor
Dom Clark vs Gibson
Rob Boardman vs Greg Mayne
Mark Handley vs Robin Deakin
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Tyler Goodjohn vs Marc Navarro

8 man prizefighter for Jack Broughton Trophy:
Jonny Lawson vs Connor Tierney
James Connelly vs Dan Chapman
Sean McFarlane vs Ricardo Franco
Evran Kastung vs Smudger Smith

Poster and Selected Action

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