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Big Time Boxing
Sam Soliman vs Joel Calmilleri
Official Replay

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48 - 16 - 1


On December 9th Big TIme Boxing is live on FITE straight from Melbourne Pavilion in Australia! The fight card is already stacked and you can find it below:

Main event
Sam Soliman vs Joel Calmilleri

Mason Smith vs Lachlan Higgins
Lewis Mumford vs Josh Gottschalk
Kha Lu vs Gerttipong Kumsahwat

Ibrahim Hussein vs Ray Ingram
Syed Muhammad Asif vs Sumit Kumar
Nazir Haddara vs TBA

TL Mach vs Gerry Zapantis
Sam Dwyer vs Vinni Graziani

Ahmed Elomar vs Vachayan Khamon
John Figota vs TBA

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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