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Edward Walls vs Andrey Hohlov
Official PPV Replay

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    Cage MMA Finland 
  • Venue
    Helsinki Hall of Culture, Helsinki, Finland
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* Available in the United States
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Fight Card:

Edward Walls vs Andrey Hohlov - 65.8 kg
Jesse Urholin vs Tamaz Bochorishvili - 77.1 kg
Markus Rytohonka vs Alar Hutrov - 65.8 kg
Henri Lintula vs Vladimir Osipov - 77.1 kg
Tuomas Gronvall vs Abdushakhboz Mirzoev - 61.2 kg
Marko Tani vs Archil Taziashvili - 65.8 kg
Chamia Chabbi vs Eva Dourthe - 56.7 kg

Poster and Selected Action

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