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On June 26th CCW presents Inferno - Brandon Barbwire Wellcome to Hell live on FITE. Three titles will be on the line. Check the full lineup below:

Championship Match - Barbwire's Hell
Brandon Barbwire(c) w/ Jeff O'Dell vs Aaron Roberts vs KLD vs Warhorse

Pure Openweight Championship - Ladder match
Hollis Giroux(c) w/ Jeff O'Dell vs Zay Washington

Mr. 100's Revenge
"Mr. 100" Seanan Young vs Jeff O'Dell

The Crowleys vs THE Lowlifes vs THE Besties in the World

CCW Tag Team Championship Match
Dangerous & Delicious (c) vs The Singularity

Leo D & Lil Bit vs Aaron Clay & AEW's Mel
The Mega Brothers w/ Myca Knight vs No Role Modelz w/ Eli Rossi
Mike Outlaw vs Everett Connors

Battle Royal for a shot at the Pure Openweight Championship
Ken Dang vs Walker Hayes vs Ryu Kendrick vs JJ Walker vs Calvin Aldridge vs Trent Daniels vs Payton Ayers and more...

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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