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Combat Night
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On August 28th Combat Night: Tally is live on FITE! Tune in, order today and enjoy!

Main Event (Catchweight bout): Brandon Johnson (4-1) vs. Val Woodburn (4-0)
Heavyweight bout: Clay Jackson (4-0) vs. Davian Green (0-0)
Flyweight bout: Cleveland McLean (14-9) vs. Shojin Miki (7-7)
Middleweight bout: Timothy Lopez (3-1) vs. Christopher Fernandez (0-3)
Welterweight bout: J.P. Saint Louis (6-4) vs. Wesley Golden (10-18)
Bantamweight bout: Ramon Tavares (4-1) vs. Ryan Mondala (4-3)
Featherweight bout: Daniel Wyatt (1-0) vs. Travis Floyd (0-1)
Bantamweight bout: Bryce Gamboa (1-0) vs. Zach Winters (1-1)

Amateur Prelims (5 p.m. ET):
Featured middleweight prelim (for amateur Combat Night middleweight belt): Ezekiel Jackson (4-4-1) vs. Samuel Barbosa (3-3)
Bantamweight bout: Kameeko Hall (1-2) vs. Adam Draves (3-2)
Light Heavyweight bout: Shamouri Walker (2-0) vs. Kevin Church (1-2)
Lightweight bout: Kevin Hendricks (1-0) vs. Jake Bunkley (2-2)
Light Heavyweight Kickboxing bout: Canaan Prichard (1-0 MMA) vs. Josh Lindsey (2-1 MMA) (1-0 Kickboxing)
215lb Catchweight Kickboxing bout: Oliver Contreras (1-0 MMA) vs. Tre Barfield (0-0)
150lb Catchweight bout: Bashmir Winston (0-2) vs Jorge Martinez (0-0)
Strawweight Kickboxing bout: Alijah Barbosa vs. Austin Dodson
Flyweight bout: Will Folger (2-0) vs. Chris Crawford (3-3)
Bantamweight bout: Houston Gordon vs. Markethe Simpson
Lightweight bout: Peter Kohout (1-1) vs. Walter Zelaya (2-1)
Bantamweight bout: Latrel White (1-2) vs. Destin Todd (1-1)

Poster and Selected Action

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