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Dynasty Combat Sports
Spring Brawl 2019
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays

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5 - 3 - 0


Pro Main Event
Alonzo Martinez vs Joey Munoz

Amateur Main Event is for the Amateur Heavyweight Title
Nyle Bartling vs Nick Klein

Amateur Welterweight Title
Brady Minner vs Jack Freriks

Amateur Batamweight Title
Jovan Gasper vs Rory Wilkinson

Amateur Lightweight Title
Keilen Fantroy vs Roy Garza

Justin Lacefield VS Gabriel Fraher
David Garcia VS Conner Jorgensen
Ben Bohling VS Tanner Wonch
Josh Trebbien VS Dustin Carstens
Rick Dougherty VS Jacobi Jones
Jeff Colanino VS Clint Baldwin
Brandon Trout VS Josh Schiarappa
Ashton Caniglia VS Lucas Beardslee
Nico Jefferson VS Matthew Edwards
Ronnie Forney VS Ryan Leininger

Poster and Selected Action

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