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Dynasty Combat Sports Ballyard Brawl
Night Two
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Replay available


Welterweight Championship Bout:
Scott Futrell vs. Dakota Cochrane 170 lbs

Cody Land vs. Corey Roberts 135 lbs
Demetrius Worlds vs. Bill Dieckhoff 265 lbs
Josh Knight vs. Delfino Benitez 135 lbs
Clint Baldwin vs. Tyler Johnson 185 lbs
Jack Freriks vs. Brady Minner 170 lbs
Jeff Souder vs. Keyes Nelson 170 lbs
Jose Hernandez vs. Kaleb Neugin 145 lbs
Richie Miranda vs. Thien Truong 155 lbs
V. Keomanivong vs. Michael Whitaker155 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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