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Elite Amateur Fight League, Season 3, Illinois vs Indiana
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Watch the EAFL Season 3 as the Arizona Apollos take on the reigning National Champion New Mexico Predators.

Bonus fights
Fight 12 James Robinson vs Tarik Estrada
Fight 11 Perla Vargas vs Crystal Ortiz

Illinois Inferno TEAM VS TEAM Indiana Immortals
Fight 10 Rafael Ramosv vs Devon Jeffries
Fight 9 Chris Sanchez vs Clay Leek
Fight 8 Anna Somers vs Kara Vislosky
Fight 7 Javier Coronado vs Brennan France
Fight 6 Tyler Scott vs Jordan Crider
Fight 5 Tyler Veal vs Isaiah Watkins
Fight 4 Michael Parker vs Christian Jones

Fight 3 Oscar Jurado vs Pedro Gutierrez
Fight 2 Alyssa Linduska vs Rachel Rivera
Fight 1 Anthony Farfan vs James Bailey

Poster and Selected Action

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