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Muay Thai vs. Cancer
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Hunter Boychuck 0W 0L 180lbs (Kingdom MMA - Edmonton) vs Edwin Delacruz 0W 0L 180lbs(Ultimate Muay Thai Winnipeg)

Garrett South (Mike MIles - Calgary) 165lbs 3 W - 0 L vs Quinn Wasylak (Dunamis - Calgary) 165lbs 2W 1L

Mike Marchon (Frank Lee - Edmonton) 0W - 0L - 1D 135lbs vs Blake D'Mello (Kingdom MMA - Edmonton) 0W 0L 135lbs

Devon Littleshields (Champion's Creed - Calgary) 170 lbs 4W 0L vs Jerry Liu (Arashido YEG) 3W 1L 170lbs

Jake Brower (Kingdom MMA - Edmonton) 1W 1L vs Justin Mcdougall (Ultimate Muay Thai - Winnipeg) 2W 0L 170 lbs

Jason Szakal (Stan Peteruck - Victoria BC) 4W 5L 165lbs vs Oscar Dakiti (Mike Miles - Calgary) 165lbs 3W - 2L

Josue Astrada (Kingdom MMA - Edmonton) 140 lbs 4W 2L vs Gerry Webber (Frank Lee - Edmonton) 2W-1L 140 lbs


Erin Jimenez (Level Up - Bowie MD) 20W 9L vs Stephanie Schmale (Absolute Fitness Red Deer) 12W 2L 125lbs
**WKA North American Title**

Minh Pham (Frank Lee - Edmonton) 5W - 2L 140 lbs vs Damian Moscibrodzki (Mike Miles - Calgary) 140 lbs 3W - 3L

Gary Mack (Level Up - Bowie MD) 13W 1L vs TBD
**WKA North American Title**

Eddy Chang (Frank Lee - Edmonton) 15W 1L 1D vs Richard Pham (TKO - Toronto) 20W 2L 147lbs
**WKA Canadian Title**

Poster and Selected Action

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