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EFC 10
Chris Harris vs Zak Bucia
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Chris Harris (C) vs Zak Bucia– Super-Welterweight Title
Cody Carrillo vs Jacob Capelli
Johnny Marigo vs Jacob Thrall
Jake Lindsey vs Dawond Pickney
Alex McGowan vs Arturo Roman
Craig Fairley vs Brexton Everett
Joe Wilk vs Jake Thompson *

Chris Turner vs Hervie Robles
Spencer Feuerborn vs David Ramirez *
Ramon Perez vs Daniel Olajiga *
Kyle Monk vs Victor Cisneros *
Lakaine Williams vs Dusty Lehman *
Lorenzo Carter vs Bishop Price *
Chris Kingsolver vs Kyle Bandy *

* Denotes Kickboxing

Poster and Selected Action

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