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Effy's Big Gay Brunch 6
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On April 1st Effy's Big Gay Brunch 6 is live on FITE+! The event features wrestlers such as Effy, Allie, Dark Sheik, Kidd Bandit, Fred Rosser, Pollo Del Mar and more! Check the already announced matches below:

Four Way Match
Keita Murray vs AC Mack vs Jai Vidal vs Honest John

Fred Rosser vs Karam
Steph De Lander vs Sandra Moone

Kidd Bandit vs Sawyer Wreck
Carlos Romo vs Devon Monroe

Ten Man Tag Team Match
Aaron Rourke, Ashton Starr, B3CCA, Dillon McQueen & Rico Gonzalez vs Money Power Respect (Fabuloso Fabricio & Marco Mayur), Abigail Warren, Anton Voorhees & Da Shade (w/Pollo Del Mar)

Tune in, subscribe today and enjoy on FITE!

*lineup subject to change

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