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Extreme Takeover Thursday Rewind, Episode 4
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On this episode of Extreme Takeover Thursday, we present to you Extreme Takeover Thursday Rewind. A special look at 3 matches we thought the ARW Nation would enjoy and this time it is the Best of Extreme Women!

First up, we again travel back in time to 2018. The event was the second annual Extreme Takeover. In what was an historical encounter, it was the then ARW Tag Team Champions, Vindicated Villians (Madman Fulton and Vertigo) taking on the unlikely pairing of two ECW originals, the Leader of the Flock, Raven and the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer. The championships were not on the line in the battle of ECW vs ARW. Could Vindicated Villians prove to the veterans that they were the best or would Raven and Dreamer co-exist long enough to secure the win for old school extreme?

Then, we take a look back at the 2 year anniversary show that was aptly titled "Chapter 3: The Uprising" as the ARW Next Level Champion, "The King Of Clowns", Chuckles faced his most difficult challenge as he would face not one but two of his toughest opponents in "The Warlord Of Weird" Sinn Bodhi and the "Prince Of Punk" Shannon Moore. Could Chuckles stop from clowning around long enough to dispatch his opponents?

In 2018, it was the year of Jesse Neal as he represented ARW as the face of the company, which started on January 11, 2019 at New Year's Extreme. On that night, Sabu w/ Super Genie would challenge for the ARW Heavyweight Championship in an Extreme Rules match. Could the "Chairman Of Extreme" find his seat as the new ARW Champion or would Jesse prove once again why he was the champion and the face of the company?

Find out this Thursday at 8pm ET as we present Extreme Takeover Thursday Rewind, right here on FITE!

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