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F2W 216 Honolulu, HI
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Garry Nakamura VS Baret Yoshida
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Fight Card

Garry Nakamura 16 Baret Yoshida
Jeremy Nitta 15 Horlando Montiero
Ricky Ridela 14 Gerson Atoigue
Brendon Jackson 13 Justin Puerto
Jason Tanaka 12 Edmund Li
Brandon Gross 11 Devon Andrews
Christian Chun Fat 10 Levy Alizna
Nicholas Alcoran 9 Jayson Kira
Tony Lynch 8 Daniel Lathrop
Thang Nguyen 7 Christian Agonoy
Ryan Wallace 6 Allan Di Lucia Santos
Charles Kevin Parsons Jr 5 Clifton Kelike Teshima
Nicholas Takashima 4 Logan Welsh
Joshua Coleon 3 Robbie Finnigsmier
Kyle Foyle 2 Archie Almario
Patrick Stachel 1 Michael Tengan


F2W 216 Honolulu, HI, live on January 7th from Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, HI!
Fight 2 Win Hawaii has arrived on FITE+. Grappling fans have quite the event ahead of them!

The fight card will have well over 53 matches in Black Belt, Brown Belts, Purple Belts, Blue Belts, Judo, teens and Kids fights. The Black Belt matches are expected to start around 8:20pm, and in the main event of the evening Garry Nakamura takes on Baret Yoshida, finishing the entire lineup with a bang!

Check below the full lineup and approximate start times for Brown Belts, Purple Belts, Blue Belts, Judo, teens and Kids fights.

Karter Nitahara def William Pollet Dec 4:16:00
Tim DeJesus def Albert Ramos Jr dec 4:06:30
Maite Huang def Gina Bedan Sub FOTN 3:57:0

Joshua Carroll def Laule Siazon Sub 3:54:00
Miguel Gonzalez def Annam Le ded 3:44:00
Erin Millard def Maka Paracuelles dec 3:35:00

Lucas Pereira def Joshua Harding Sub 3:30:00
Dan Nagata def Christian Kelii Tabilang Sub 3:24:30
Jacob Sanders def Paulsson Solomon dec 3:16:00

McCade Ho def Brandon Buenconsejo 2 ippons 3:12:00
Chane Umeno def Christopher Maeda 2 Ippons 3:07:00
Carson Hernandez def Joshua Farin dec 3:00:00

Scott Festejo Jr def Jamone Soon Sub 2:52:00
Dayne Torigoe def Eddie Nguyen sub 2:45:00
Jonah Kapihe def Janno Riki dec 2:37:00

Sean Sanada def Josfer Padilla-Müller dec 2:27:20
Kawaiola Magno def Izik Zapata Sub 2:21:00
Erixs Reyes def Ryan Keoki Buffett RNC 2:13:00

Teniya Alo def Channel Tang-Ho dec 2:04:00
Kaylee Cuyo def Maya YoungBlood dec 1:56:00
Kyle Ishikawa def Landon Lee dec 1:49:00

Peter Gaucher -def Ryan Westerberg armbar 1:45:00
Giancarlo Gines def Siasau Satagiese sub 1:37:00
Cheyden Leialoha def Devin Demello dec 1:29:00

Jason Sanchez def Andre Sanchez-Romero dec 1:20:30
Alexander Thompson def Cameron Dorsi Sub 1:12:00
Damon Cabel def Martin Day dec 1:04:00

Makana Godwin def Ezekiel Zumbrink Sub 59:00
Makenzen Wong def Sebastien Gonzalez Sub 54:00
Zayne Isomura def Jaxson Padgett -dec 46:30

Amaya Kapihe def charlotte Baumgarner sub 42:00
Joe Miyashita def Kamren Wong dec 34:00
Maka Brede def TaJuan Johnson dec 27:00

Jason Bitzer def John Yanuaria dec 20:00
Nicholas Lum def Ikaika King Sub 17:00
Tyler Connolly def Gavin Nestor dec 09:00
Aiden Wang -def Skyzen Argast dec 01:00

*fight card subject to change


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