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FairFight 10
Alexander Skvortsov vs Christian Baia
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    Akademiya Yedinoborstv Rmk, Yekaterinburg, Russia
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Main Event
70 kg: Alexander Skvortsov (Russia) vs Christian "Bad News" Baya (Angola/Netherlands)

The 10th anniversary kickboxing tournament Fair Fight X will take place in Ekaterinburg on October 26th. The best professional kickboxers from all over the world will come together at the RCC Academy of Martial Arts. The show will host 12 fights, including a fight for the lightweight champion title of the organization.

The main event of the evening will be a fight between the current champion of the organization, the Russian Alexander Skvortsov, and Christian Baya from the Netherlands.

The meeting with the Dutchman will be the third defense of the Fair Fight belt for Skvortsov. He became the champion of the organization in 2018. He was the strongest athlete at the Grand Prix, having won two strong victories over other contenders, and after five rounds of fights against Rashid Salihov and Mikhail Krmchar he defended the title.

Christian Baya made his debut in the Russian organization at the ninth tournament and left no chance for one of the strongest Belarusians Vadim Vaskov in the extra-round. At the time, Vaskov was one of the contenders for the title, and the fight with the Dutchman was supposed to be a preparation for a meeting with Skvortsov, but Baya had his own plans for a career in Fair Fight.

For the Fair Fight 70 KG Title

84 kg: Igor Bugaenko (Belarus) vs Cesar Almeida (Brazil)
70 kg: Vasily Semenov (Russia) vs Cristian Milea (Romania)
77 kg: Jonatan Oliveira (Brazil) vs Surik Magakian (Russia)
77 kg: Vladimir Gabov (Russia) vs Denis Buramtov (Russia)
84 kg: Sekhu Bangura (Belarus) vs Hadji Mezhidov (Russia)
65 kg: Vladimir Kuzmin (Russia) vs Gregus Ludek (Czech Republic)
67 kg Oleg Likhterovich (Belarus) vs Musin Azamat (Russia)
77 kg: Ilya Ilyin (Russia) vs Vadim Alsit (Russia)
70 kg: Eduard Fatykov (Russia) vs Ali Aliev (Russia)

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