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Fusion Fight League
Beers and Brawls 5
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"El Loco"
1 - 3 - 0


Leonard Clark vs Allen Scarlett - 145 lbs Kickboxing
Ryan Ibsen vs Sam Guenthner - 170 lbs MMA
Jacob Kreitel vs Vladyslav Rybalka - 160 lbs MMA
Jake Phelps vs Ryan Icenoble - 170 lbs MMA
Klinton Brown vs Blake Larson - 205 lbs MMA
Joe Mual vs Garrett Grefe - 170 lbs MMA
Joseph Valencia vs Spur Roundstone - Super Heavyweight Title
Kane Smith vs Nick Gramens - 185 lbs MMA
Louie Lopez vs AJ Craig - 150 lbs MMA
Danny Shine vs Braydon Beer - 185 lbs MMA

Poster and Selected Action

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