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Fight Club Rush 7
Moe Ahmadi vs Elvin Hoxha
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    Fight Club Rush 
  • Venue
    Bombardier Arena, Västerås, Sweden
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Club Rush makes its debut on FITE in July 4th with Fight Club Rush 7! This PPV exclusive event aims to bring great excitement as well as hope, to an audience currently in a pandemic situation.
For the love of the sport - please support.

** Commentary in English

The fight card have great fights with highly ranked Swedish fighters.

11. Moe Ahmadi vs Elvin Hoxha (PRO FIGHT)
10. Fadi Asfar vs Rohullah Yousofi (PRO FIGHT)
9. Abdurakhman Nasrutdinov vs Basir Safdari
8. Millie Eriksson vs Alline Torquato
7. Daniyal Shamkhalov vs Sebastian Fk


6. Rahmads Stromanis vs Abdallah Habib
5. Alexander Lindgren vs Vincent Petersson
4. Daniel Karlsson vs Oskar Carlsson
3. Yalkun Tadzijeva vs Jakob Valegren
2. Johan Dahl vs Tobias Prodigy Wallberg
1. Dimitris Dimitriadis vs Martin Corney

* Fight Card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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