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Fight Nights Global China Bozhou
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


✔️+93 kg 5x5 Cody East (USA) - Alexi Kudin (Belarus)
✔️56.7 kg 3x5 Shamil Djakhbarov (Russia) - Zheng Xiaoliang (China)
✔️77.1 kg 3x5 Vladimir Tyurin (Russia) - Jen Yu Da Er (China)
✔️65.8 kg 3x5 Alexander Pisarev (Russia) - Lui Xin Sheng (China)
✔️56.7 kg 3x5 Yulia Kukharchuk (Russia) - La bi Xiao Man (China)
✔️+93 kg 3x5 Shuaev Yusup (Russia) - Buren Mende (China)
✔️61.2 kg 3x5 Yakubov Arip (Russia) - Ali Fathi (Iran)
✔️70.3 kg 3x5 Yury Ryaboy (Russia) - Uighur Shala (China)
✔️65.8 kg 3x5 Puladov Rafael (Russia) - Ye Wen (China)
✔️56.7 kg 3x5 Shuhrat Khakimov (Tajikistan) - Liu De Li Ge Ri Hu (China)
✔️70.3 kg 3x5 Aliev Mahach (Russia) - Ma Shuang (China)

Poster and Selected Action

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