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UK Wrestling
Friday Night Showdown, Episode 11
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  • Bell Time
  • Duration
  • Genres
    Pro Wrestling
  • Channel
    UK Wrestling 
  • Venue
    UK Wrestling, 22 Branch Rd, Batley WF17 5RY, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
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The fallout of Revolutionary Road begins with the new UKW Champion Mustafa Khan. After his dominant betrayal of Jonathan Sedgwick, Khan unveils his Persian Empire upon an unsuspecting UKW Roster. As for Sedgwick himself, he must go one on one with Johann Hunt and keep his guard up for Hunt's new friend, Leonie Rose.

Cayman Carlisle and his new Tag Team Champion partner JPR come to explain their actions and put the world on notice of a new Collective. Joe Sedgwick finds himself in the crosshairs of Ian Creed. Can the Heir Apparent turn back The "Creep" two matches in a row? The Playtime Mafia will also be in attendance as we enter a new era of Friday Night Showdown.

*lineup subject to change

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