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Frontline Battle with Tyson and Jones Jr.
Episode 13
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"Iron Mike"
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Frontline Battle with Tyson and Jones Jr.: Episode 13 is an intimate look behind the scenes with boxing champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Watch the intense physical and mental preparation they undergo in preparation for their highly anticipated battle on Saturday, November 28th.

The highlights of Episode 13 are below:

Mike Tyson: The truth? Life consists around love and pain. That's all we juggle with. We are people who ascend to great heights and we are people that sometimes when we get depressed... That's who we are. History shows that's who we are. The world can't work without polarity.
Mike Tyson: Guys like me and other fighters, Floyd, and all of that we got big ego's but guys fifty, seventy years ago they humbled us when you look at their records. Battlin Levinsky fought three times in one day and won all three fights. Fifteen rounders I believe. You know, you got guys that punch real hard and real slick boxers. Okay. Oh, you're real slick? Let's let it go to forty-five rounds. You're a real good dancer, right? We're going to see how long you can dance. The longest fight that went under the Marques de Queensberry was a hundred and ten rounds. The way we fight today. Jack Burke and Andy Bowen. Fighting seven and a half hours. It got so bad they just called it a draw because they couldn't hit each other because both their arms and hands were broken.
Tom (Graphic Designer): I want to see every part of the career. All these different things that have happened because it's not like doing a normal athlete. It's not like doing a normal brand.
Mike Tyson: I'm glad you said that. I want to do things and my wife protects me, but sometimes to become greater, you make fun of yourself, so put a picture of me.. can you put picture of me getting knocked out, please. I want over the top "Greatness is the willingness to die." I want that on the shirt. You think that's more resounding than me clocking everybody. Everybody's constantly seeing me clocking everybody, but they need to know..
Tom (Graphic Designer): The fight back right?
Mike Tyson: Yeah. It's only over when you say it's over. By the grace of God, I just want to be able to do some goodness. I want to die with some kind of.. without any guilt in a way.. Isn't that weird? As you get old, like.. You get our age you start thinking about our mortality and what are you going to do before you leave here?
Steven Jorgensen (Reporter at Sport Bild): "You were known in the past as the baddest man on the planet, most dangerous man", are you approaching that Mike Tyson from the past?
Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson is preparing to meet God but before he does he has things that he wants to accomplish.

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