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Full Contact Contender 17 (FCC17)
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Replay starts on Oct 11 8:00 PM EDT


Main Event: FCC British Lightweight Title Fight - Rob "C4" Sinclair vs Charlie "917" Leary (Champion)
International Heavyweight Rematch - Kamil "Vanderlei" Bazelak vs Karl "The Wrecking Machine" Etherington
Professional Light Heayweight Fight - Brett "The Spartan" Mcdermott vs Dan Konecke
Professional Welterweight Fight - Ant Davies vs Ashley "The Beast" Reece
Professional Bantamweight Fight - "Smooth" Sam Spencer vs Brent Crawley
Professional Middleweight Fight - Moein Noorbakshs vs Marcin "Mad Boy" Prostko
Professonal Middleweight Fight - Mitchell "Maximus" Richards vs Shaun Hampton
Professional Middleweight Fight- Tomasz Gujski vs Ant "Relentless" Bailey
FCC Amateur Middleweight Title Fight - Champion vs Champion - Brent Tierney (Interim LHW Champion) vs Jenaid Ebanks (MW Champion)
FCC Amateur Welterweight Title Fight - Champion vs Champion - James Reedman vs Mark Kinsella (FCC Champion)
FCC Interim Lightweight Title Fight - TBC vs Bobby Pallet
FCC Amateur Featherweight Title Fight - Rob Zabitis vs Kyle Keane
FCC Amateur Flyweight Title Fight - Sheldon "The New Breed" Reid vs Kiru Singh
Amateur Middleweight Fight - Ashley Gibson vs Ellis Lacy
Amateur Lightweight Fight - Junior Morgan vs Danny Williams
Amateur Light Heavyweight Fight - Rory Goodison vs Andy Bakewell
Amateur Bantamweight Fight - Megan Morris vs Sophie O'Brien

Poster and Selected Action

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