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Lord of the Cage
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
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  • Channel
    Soders Fight Gym 
  • Venue
    Gasklockorna Gavle, Gävle, Sweden
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


9. Main Event: Adam Westlund vs Robin Roos
8. Co-Main Event: Rostem Akman vs Frodi Hansen
7. Christian Stigenberg vs Taylan Isik
6. Bartosz Wojick vs Nazariy Danylyuk
5. Nina Back vs Millie Eriksson
4. Arman Popal vs Alejandro Toutparfait
3. Viktor Ekelund vs Theodor Berggren
2. Martin Wiklund vs David Hedlund
1. Lisa Lingvall vs Josephine Breisch

Poster and Selected Action

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