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Gateway Fighting Series 8
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Replay starts on Mar 6 12:11 AM EST


Amateur fighter Brittney Cloudy will take on GFS 135 champion Savannah Shahan in what is sure to be a show of skill and toughness on both athletes parts... Then our current champion Trevon Crawford will face Jace Kyle Burcham in a battle for our 145lbs title... do not miss this event because we are coming harder in 2017 than before!!!!

Sarah Patterson vs. Tamikka Brents 155 lbs
Joe Pearson vs. Kenny Porter 125 lbs
Kyle Kurtz vs. Quartus Stitt 170 lbs
Joey Soto vs. Byron Stevens 265 lbs
Sal Woods vs. Frank Sloan 170 lbs
Jason Powell vs. Fred Freeman 145 lbs
CJay Hunter vs. Dakota Bush 145 lbs
Chris Peterson vs. Stephen Becker 115 lbs
Toma Walton vs. Kevin Roper 185 lbs
Trevon Crawford vs. Jace Burcham 145 lbs
Brittney Cloudy vs. Savannah Shahan 135 lbs

Poster and Selected Action

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