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Gatoh Move Experience, Episode 12
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The First Match
Obihiro Sayaka vs Yamado Taro
Two of the Gatoh Move's finest take on each other, Obi is 100% with everything she does and it's a challenge for the calm and collected Yamada.

2nd Match
Yuna 'Yunamon' Mizumori vs SAKI
This is a match with huge implications as these two are tag partner and future Tag Champs.

Main Event
Emi Sakura, Masa Takanashi & Cheery vs Mei Suruga, Sawadi Kamen & Mitsuru Konno

Hyakkin Thunders with Cherry take on The Heroes with Mei Suruga, it's the old and
established team vs the new up and comers. The good vs the bad, the young and innocent vs
the Old and crocked, take your pick it's a fierce fight!

*lineup is subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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