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Grapple in the Temple 5
For the Love of Grappling
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On February 16th Grapple in the Temple 5: For the Love of Grappling is live on TrillerTV+ straight from White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, NJ. The event features the For the Love of Grappling Tournaments and the first matches are:

Blue Belt Division

So Jariel Cross vs Joseph Copeland
Christopher Calderon vs Daniel Orama
Andre Zapico vs Mohammed Abiad
Zach Goldrosen vs Ethan Burright

Purple Belt Division

Takehito Ikezaki vs Ronnie Rodriguez
Lisander Lopez vs Alexis Ruiz
Shamil Ramazanov vs Tim Kernan
Jon Bianco vs Dan Candelaria

Brown Belt Division

Rasheed Perez vs Noah Chen
Oliver Lopez vs Michael Du
Volodymyr Boryshkevych vs Alvaro Rivero Valdez
Adam Bejaoui vs Daniel Maldonado

Purple Belt Women Division

Lisa Cai vs Cindy Ung
Rachel Yang vs Sophia Cassella
Yvonne Tautiva vs Angela Joseph
Isadora Friedlander vs Olga Chang

Black Belt Division
Kanan Clarke Jones vs Matthew Dvorovy
Andrew Kochel vs Stephan Gristina
Michael Haynes Moller vs Danny Stolfi
Lear Kirkland vs Bye

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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