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Glory 77
Countdown #2
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7 - 1 - 0
"The Predator"
69 - 24 - 3
"The King of Kickboxing"
60 - 10 - 0
20 - 5 - 0
"Po Atan"
11 - 2 - 0
"Time Bomb"
22 - 6 - 2


Glory Commentators Todd Grisham and Joe Valtellini sits down to discuss the upcoming Glory 77 event. This will be the most impressive fight card in the Glory history! The event features 6 champions:

Tiffany Van Soest
Super Bantamweight Champion

Murthel Groenhart
Interim Welterweight Champion

Cédric Doumbé
Welterweight Champion

Alex Pereira
Interim Light Heavyweight Champion

Artem Vakhitov
Light Heavyweight Champion

Rico Verhoeven
Heavyweight Champion

All these 6 bouts, 6 champions and three titles in one night, the night on January 30th in Glory 77! Todd Grisham and Joe Valtellini will show you and talk about the way of these champions to the event! What is going to happen? What can you expect? What do the sports celebrities think? Answers to all these questions and much more on January 29th in Glory 77: Countdown #2 on FITE! Do not miss it!


  • January 15, 2021

    6 Champions, 3 Title Fights, 1 Special Night.The main event features a four man heavyweight tournament including Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven, as well as Hesdy Gerges, Levi Rigters and Tarik Khbabez. New York, January 15, 2021 - FITE, FITE, the premiere global platform for sports and entertainment, is excited to present the first GLORY PPV show of the new year, live from the Netherlands on Jan. 30th at a newly adjusted and earlier start time of 2pm ET. This moves the FREE preliminary Glory pre-show featuring heavyweights, Raul Catinas …

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