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Glory of Heros 39
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Deng Zegi vs Mykhailo – kickboxing
Cui Liucai vs Ahliddin Orifov – MMA
Tie Yinghua vs Kwang Tung – kickboxing
Han Wenbao vs Anthony Gazel – kickboxing
Hao Shengbin vs Sawettapong – kickboxing
Yang Yang vs Asai Haruka – kickboxing
Guo Mengfei vs Pena Allamov – kickboxing
Wu Zhendong vs Emanoela – kickboxing
Han Haojie vs Orzuev – kickboxing
Liang Hongjie vs Akramjon – kickboxing
Wang Jizheng vs Khamad Gunaev – MMA
Yang Sen vs Musayev – MMA
Yin Shuai vs Matsumoto Hitoshi – MMA
Song Shuai vs Jair Junior - MMA

Poster and Selected Action

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