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GMC 11
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Enjoy the best fighters in Germany and Europe with their energetic title fights in an exciting atmosphere!

Fight Card:
David Zawada and his team. Andreas Stahl
Selim Agaev vs. Ozan Aslaner
Mert Özyildirim Mohammed Trabelsi
Kamila Porczyk Anita Doganova's
Profile Tim Richter
Ömer Solmaz vs. Eugen Dell's
Profile Johanna Ropertz's
Profile Jacek Adamczyk
Hatef Moeil Martin Langner
Said Eidi vs. Manuel Bilic
Alexander Djukic Florian copyc
Giuseppe Correra vs. Jarno Errens's Profile
Ajmal Sultani vs. Guy da Silva

Poster and Selected Action

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