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Faith in Monsters
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


On May 8th Hoodslam: Faith in Monsters is airing on TrillerTV+.

Reeling from the invasion on April 5th, the Hoodslammers face the day after. The one we lost, the one we thought was gone and the new one we're now stuck with. What champions will carry on after the extreme liberation?

James C returns a solo act. But not for long. He chose to leave the BOOM Gang on his own terms, now the new James Gang takes its first steps.

Juice Lee tried to move on, but Okami won't let him forget what he did to the still recuperating Chupacabra. Defending Hoodslam has driven Juice to levels he can't compromise on, but her constant haunting has made him take a leave of absence. Is it the emotional assault keeping him away, or does he realize what he's becoming?

Dr Von Eerie and Grief Counselor Marco came to help Hoodslam with our problems. Now they have issues of their own. Is their any saving us//is it too late for them?

[One of thems seems to be exactly where she wants.]

The EMO Heads are splintered// Brutal Rob and D-Torch seek justice. One question looms: Who XXXXed Brooke Havok?

Mansoor returned in January a changed man longing for the simpler times of his early career at Hoodslam. He's yet to find it, and the roster has felt the brunt. At the 3/1/24 event, the actions he took against Richard Shhhnary in the Sanctum of Silence felt like a new depth of violence spurned by the realization that the home he missed had changed forever. We once asked if he would survive the experience of coming back; now we ask, will we survive him?


DARK Sheik

Mighty Mayra
Kenny K
Cereal Man

Hosted by Broseph Joe Brody

Thoughts and prayers funneled through a pentagram to empower mortals into eternal infamous angels and demons.

*lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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