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ICF 29 Rising Stars
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


ICF 29 Rising Stars card features the best and brightest up-and-coming MMA fighters in Montana, the Pacific Northwest and the country. Combined, the fighters boast more than 10 titles in various promotions and weight classes, six undefeated records and at least seven King of the Cage appearances. And there are at keast three state wrestling champions stepping the cage. If you are looking for the next Leo Bercier, Tim Welch or Sean O'Malley, they are on this card. Mark our words, fighters on this card WILL be in Invicta, UFC or Bellator in the coming years — some sooner than you think.

Lisa Spangler vs. Jessica Borga 135 lbs
Tommy McMillen vs. Shane Fichter 170 lbs
Johnson Nasona vs. Dylan Schulte 145 lbs
Nathan Strening vs. Conall Powers 135 lbs
Aaron Ibanez vs. Brock Picard 185 lbs
Isiah Buckhalter vs. Andy Castro 135 lbs
Sanny Ibanez vs. TJ Loslebin 155 lbs
James Dennis vs. Alejandro Dearce 185 lbs
Collin Small vs. Brandon Brisbo 155 lbs
Sawyer Depee vs. Xander Beston Sr. 170 lbs
Timothy Weeks vs. Gage Morsette 145 lbs
Roger Kremer vs. Nate Nava 165 lbs
Jesse Desrosier vs. Harry Threestars 175 lbs

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