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Insane 8, 2020
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays

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The most insane event of 2020 is live on FITE on August 30th! This is a one night eight man deathmatch tournament featuring: Orin Veidt, John Wayne Murdoch, Jeff King, Neil Diamond Cutter, Dysfunction, Ricky Noren, Akira & SHLAK.

Non-Tournament Action:
Matthew Justice Challenges for the ICW World Title

There are 4 open round matches in the tournament!

Panes Of Glass:
John Wayne Murdoch vs Orin Veidt

Fans Bring The Weapons:
Ricky Noren vs SHLAK

Frozen Tundra Dry Ice & Tube Bundles:
Neil Diamond Cutter vs Dysfunction

Barbwire Madness & Tube Bundles:
"Old Timer" Jeff King vs Akira

The semifinal matches will be 2 - Doors Of Death & Panes Of Glass and 4 Corners Of Insanity & FBTW

The Final match will be Ultimate Insanity!!!
Tube Cabins/Barbwire 2 Sides Light tubes & 2 sides of weapons from EVERY stipulation in the earlier Rounds!!

It will be insane! It is ICW: Insane 8, 2020 and you don't wanna miss it!

Poster and Selected Action

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