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Most Insane Matches 2021 - 2022
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Tune in on March 3rd for the ICW's Most Insane Matches 2021 - 2022 airing exclusively on FITE+! Nobody does insanity better than ICW! Check out some of the most violent, brutal and wild matches from Insane Championship Wrestling from 2021 – 2022

BT Gunn vs Stevie Boy – King Of Insanity
The Purge vs KOE – Purge Rules

Craig Anthony vs Kez Evans – Unsanctioned
The Manifesto vs Team ICW – Super Smokin' Thunderbowl

Kez Evans vs Stevie James – Fans Bring the Weapons
Aaron Echo vs Sweeney

BT Gunn vs Leyton Buzzard - King Of Insanity
Kez Evans vs Jack Jester

BT Gunn vs Clint Margera – Deathmatch
Jack Jester vs BT Gunn – King Of Insanity

*lineup subject to change

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