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The 11th Annual Square Go!
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  • Bell Time
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  • Genres
    Pro Wrestling
  • Channel
  • Venue
    The Garage, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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* Available in the United States
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On February 26th ICW presents The 11th Annual Square Go! live on FITE straight from The Garage in Glasgow, UK. The event features the competition for the prestigious Square Go briefcase which gives the right for title shot at any time over the coming year. 30 wrestlers will compete for the Square Go briefcase in an over the top rope elimination contest with five entrants drawn at random to enter the ring with weapons.

But that's not all as in four other contests all the ICW Championships will be on the line!

ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Kenny Williams vs Leyton Buzzard

ICW Women's World Championship
Rhio vs Molly Spartan

ICW Zero-G Championship
Saqib Ali vs Theo Doros

ICW Tag Team Championship
The Young Team vs K.O.E

*lineup subject to change


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