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Unstoppable, Season 5, Ep. 8
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IHW World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match!
It has all come down to this! Through being hung from the ring and brutalized by Titus to his father suffering serious injury from Titus only to be served a restraining order afterward. Markus Burke has put it all on the line! His last chance to take the IHW World Heavyweight Championship from "East Coast Predator" Titus. If The Vegan cannot, he will leave IHW forever.
IHW and Hubcap Comedy Festival present HumourMania Feb 1, 2019 at the Moncton Lions Club. Featuring WWE Legend "Kurrgan" Robert Maillet, TV Champion Kris Hicks, the debut of Covey Christ, and the return of "Sensational" Maddison Miles. Comedy by: Mike Paterson, Frank Grenier, and Martin Saulnier.

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