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KISS 2020 Goodbye
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    Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays until Midnight Jan 3, 2021
"The Starchild"
"The Demon"
"The Catman"
"The Spaceman"


The year 2020 changed the world everyone! KISS was playing to sold-out audiences on their final tour when everything shut down around the globe due to the pandemic. KISS decided to offer up the biggest concert event on December 31st, 2020, presented by Landmarks Live and powered by TIXR. And here it is: KISS 2020 Goodbye - streamed live worldwide on FITE, straight from the Atlantis Resort in Dubai!

Don't miss the New Year's Eve live virtual event of the year. It will be once in a lifetime event!

With the KISS 2020 Goodbye show, the band wanted to go BIG, even by their own notoriously grandiose standards. They've prepared one of the most elaborate stage production livestream experiences of the Covid-era! The stage is 250-foot long and will be filmed with more than 50 cameras with 4K resolution and 360-degree views.

As one of the greatest metal and hard rock bands of all times, KISS are bringing to their fans the pyrotechnics show of the year, securing a Guinness world record in the process and proving, once again, that KISS never does anything small.

This amazing show and free pre-show will be brought directly into your living room live from Atlantis in Dubai on December 31st!

You're invited to spend New Year's Eve with Paul Stanley (The Starchild), Gene Simmons (The Demon), Tommy Thayer (The Spaceman), and Eric Singer (The Catman) as they rock out of 2020 and roll into 2021!

Watch KISS 2020 Goodbye right here on FITE!


  • December 29, 2020

    FITE will offer the LIVE Pay Per View event from Dubai on all FITE platforms for $39.99 New York, December 29, 2020 - FITE, the premiere global platform for sports and entertainment, announced today that it has become an official worldwide distribution partner for the Landmarks Live Presents production, KISS 2020 Goodbye brought to you by TIXR. The Pay Per View event will truly be a global spectacle from the band that never does anything ordinary or small. Presented live on December 31st - New Year's Eve, the event will …

    Read more »

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